• Want a New Home

    Want to buy the house of your dreams? Get the money you need to buy a new home or to renovate your current house.

  • Take a Dream Vacation

    Explore the world or treat your family to the vacation they’ve always wanted! Get cash now and have the vacation you deserve.

  • Buy a New Car

    Need cash for a new car? Don’t wait any longer and get the money you need to buy a new car. Financial experts are here to help you.

  • Get Out of Debt

    Take a step toward freeing yourself from the hassle of debt. Pay off credit cards or medical bills and start enjoying your life.

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Get Settlement Cash With Expert Advice

Looking for a financial institution you can trust with settlement cash?

iSettlements is a finance company that helps individuals get the cash they need for their settlement or annuity.
Understanding the rights you have over your money and the options you are entitled to, as an individual is important. If you are receiving small payments from an income stream, but need a the cash immediately, iSettlements is here to help.

Settlement cash will help you pay off debt, purchase a new car, or buy the home of your dreams! Whatever the situation, your life and your time is valuable. If settlement recipients can live better or have piece of mind. we want to help.

Why Should You Inquire About Settlement Cash?

Often, people find themselves in situations where cash is required. Whatever the reason, more and more people are choosing to take a lump sum of cash over waiting for future payments. Don’t let your money sit in someone else’s hands, at iSettlements we believe you should be the one making the decisions about your money and obtaining the rewards.

  • cash-for-settlements-image

    Cash For Settlements

    Financial freedom is possible. Turn your monthly structured settlement into cash today. Ask an iSettlements financial expert how to get your money.

  • sell-annuity-image

    Sell Annuity

    Don’t lose time and money with long-term annuity payments. Sell annuity payments and get cash today! Pay off debt and live the life you deserve.

  • pre-settlement-funding-image-1

    Pre Settlement Funding

    iSettlements, can help people involved in a lawsuit get the Lawsuit Loans they need. Don’t stress about the cost of lawyers and doctors while you wait for your settlement.