3 Incredible Benefits of Selling Fixed Annuities

selling fixed annuities

If you’re stuck with a structured settlement annuity, you are essentially sitting on a gold mine that you don’t have legal access to. Whether it from a lawsuit or if you have had the good fortune of being a lottery winner, it can be frustrating not to have control of your well-deserved funds.

Selling fixed annuities is the best way to break through your financial shackles and live the life of your dreams. More than 37,000 Americans use structured settlement money every year, and 92% of people who sell structured settlement payments are satisfied with their decision.

The possibilities of what you can do with your lump sum payment are endless, but here are three of the most glaring benefits of selling fixed annuities:

  • Pay off your student loans
    If you win the lottery, there is a good chance you receive drastically less than what you actually won. There is a 25% federal tax on all lottery winnings in addition to any other state taxes that may be withheld. You may receive your first payment, excited to pay off your student loans in full, and realize you don’t even have enough to do so. By selling fixed annuities and getting your money now, you can drive off pesky student loan collectors for the rest of your life in one fatal swoop.
  • Invest in your dream home
    Mortgages can often be the financial downfall of many hard-working people, so you need to take advantage of selling your fixed annuity by using that money to buy the house of your dreams. Whether you want to purchase an existing home or build a house tailored to your wants and needs, selling fixed annuities gives you the capital to avoid making payments and rid yourself of the hassle that comes with buying a home.
  • Get that flashy car you’ve always wanted
    If you’re in your 20s, there’s a good chance you’ve never had a brand new vehicle. That can all finally change by selling your structured settlements. By purchasing a new car in cash, you can get tremendous deals on the final sales price, avoid monthly payments, and drive around town in style.

These are just three of the millions of things you can do to improve the quality of your life by selling fixed annuities for a lump sum. Talk to an experienced professional to find the option that is right for your specific situation.

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