3 of the Luckiest Lottery Winners of All Time


annuityMost people dream of having to make the same decisions as lottery winners. Decisions such as how to receive lottery payments, which come in the form of a lottery lump sum payout, or as a lottery annuity settlement.

An annuity pays out a sum of money in installments over a period of time. In an “immediate” annuity, you can start receiving lottery payments in as little as 30 days. In the case of the Powerball annuity and the Mega Millions annuity, winners get one immediate annuity payment, followed by about 30 annual payments, which increase in size over the years.

Of course, in order to even be able to have the chance to make such a choice, you have to be impossibly lucky. Just consider the sort of luck these three lottery winners had.

Man Nearly Dies Seven Times, But Eventually Wins Lottery
Frane Selak, a Croatian music teacher, is one of the most lucky men to ever live. In 1962, he escaped a train that was plunging into an icy river, causing the death of 17 passengers. In 1963, a door of the plane he was on blew out, causing him to fly out. He landed in a haystack, suffering only minor injuries. In 1966, he escaped a bus that crashed and plunged into a river. In 1970, he escaped his car before it burst into flames from a faulty fuel pump. In 1973, he escaped a second, exploding car. In 1995, a bus hit him, causing only minor injuries. In 1996, he jumped off a cliff to escape an oncoming truck, and landed in a tree. He saw his car explode 300-feet above him. In 2003, he won $1 million in the Croatian lottery.

Man Forgets He Already Bought Lottery Ticket, Gets Two Shares of Jackpot
Derek Ladner and his wife bought a lottery ticket every week, using the same six regular numbers. In 2007, they won, and split the jackpot between three other winners. Much to Ladner’s luck, he found a second lottery ticket, with the same numbers, for the same week, because he’d forgotten he’d already gotten a ticket. Mr. Ladner’s absent-mindedness cost the other winners £120,000 each.

Woman Dreams Winning Numbers, Wins Twice
Mary Wollens, an 86-year-old from Toronto, dreamed some lottery numbers, went out, and bout a lotto ticket. Her vision gave her so much confidence, that she decided to get a second ticket with the same exact numbers. Many would consider it to be a foolish move, but her second ticket paid off big. Someone else won the lottery, too, but instead of splitting it down the middle, Wollens got two-thirds of the jackpot thanks to her second ticket.

Even though this is the sort of luck it takes to win the lottery, it shouldn’t stop you from playing! If you know of any other crazy lottery stories, feel free to share them in the comments.

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