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About iSettlements – Who We Are

When you need money for your structured settlements, annuities or a pre settlement lawsuit loan there is only one place to call. iSettlements is one of the countries most reliable purchaser of future payments.

With a professional team of financial experts and legal advisers we can help you quickly get the cash you need today, with no hassle. Life can get complicated; iSettlements understands this, which is why we are committed to help individuals get the most for their structured settlements and annuities. It can be confusing to find an established and reputable firm to buy your structured settlement. People who reach out to iSettlements know that they will receive the best advice and the industries best comprehensive settlement planning for their future payments.

As a top purchaser of structured settlements, we’re making it easier for people who want to make positive changes in their lives get cash today. Whether you are selling your portion of a settlement or looking for a pre settlement lawsuit loan, iSettlements employs the most reputable and knowledgeable professionals in the structured settlement payment finance industry.

By applying legal expertise, underwriting and institutional financing they are able to make your financial goals possible. Our team is dedicated to serving our clients. They will help you understand structured settlements and feel comfortable with the process. There are no questions we can’t answer, as an industry leader we assist lawyers and accident victims with the right funding solutions.

At iSettlements we value honesty and integrity, above all, and are dedicated to always deliver first-class service to our customers. Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, iSettlements is a dedicated structured finance company that employs institutional financing, underwriting and legal expertise to purchase future cash flows (buying structured settlements and insurance annuities).

When you need to sell your future payments or have questions regarding your structure settlement, please do not hesitate! call us toll-free at 1.877.595.8073 or email us to learn more on how to get your money sooner.

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