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Welcome to the iSettlements blog! This blog is designed to provide information, tips, advice and insight into important financial topics that affect many Americans, especially those who have a structured settlement, annuity or pending lawsuit settlement. When a person is awarded with a structured settlement or annuity the immediate feeling is relief and joy. But, “What next?” It’s not uncommon to quickly feel lost and not know what to do when a structured settlement is not enough to pay monthly bills. Once you receive your settlement or annuity, it is important to remember that it is not an end to all of your worries. People still need to plan and prepare for the future. This blog is aimed to provide advice and information on how to do just that.

Learn about Selling your Structured Settlement, Annuities and Lawsuit Loans

This blog is here to help you adequately manage a structured settlement. Articles found on this blog will come from financial experts in the industry, bankers, lawyers, financial analysts, and people who have gone through similar experiences. It is important to remember that each person’s situation is unique. Information provided in this blog should be considered as advice and not policies. Work carefully with a financial planner you trust and discuss the ideas and themes presented in this blog. Ultimately, your financial security is your responsibility and yours alone. Our blog is a tool designed to help you keep your future as secure as possible. Please leave your question or any topic you would like to see discussed on the blog. If you have any questions regarding selling a structured settlement contact one of iSettlements financial experts Today

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