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Do you receive payments from a personal injury lawsuit, annuity payments, or structured settlements? Whether you’ve been injured by an individual, a product or are receiving payments from a life insurance policy, chances are you’re getting your money in the form of a structured settlement.  Many consider themselves very lucky to have this steady income. However, in some cases people find themselves in a situation where a large amount of money is necessary. That’s when selling a structured settlement or annuity comes in handy. The professionals at iSettlements are highly trained to help you get cash for settlements!

Is Getting Cash For Settlements Easy?

Yes, it is! You can get cash for settlements in a few easy steps. We will help you with research, to make sure that you are working with an institution that is reputable in the business and will take care of you through the entire process. For many people in financial stress, the concept of getting a larger amount of money is very appealing.  Instead of waiting for small monthly installment payments, that are not very helpful, receiving a large lump sum of cash for an emergency or pay financial debt can come in handy. From medical care to paying off bills or repairing the car, there are a lot reasons that people need to have more money immediately. Selling your structured annuity payments is one way to get that money and our experts know how to get cash for settlements.

Learn How to Get Cash For Settlements

Step 1. Find a reliable structured settlement company:

Be sure to choose a company that is reputable to help you get cash for settlements, make sure you feel comfortable with them. Ask for references to help you make a decision.
Step 2. Get a quote or talk to a financial expert for an offer
At iSettlements you will have an expert ask you simple questions, the information gathered will help you get a quote. iSettelments experts know how to get cash for settlements!
Step 3 Accept the cash for settlements offer
After analyzing your case and information, iSettlements will make you an offer for your structured settlement. Make sure you understand the quote and ask any questions you may have.
Step 4. Sign the appropriate documents 
After accepting the offer you will receive documents that you and your legal advice can go over. Sign them and send them back to start the documentation process.
Step 5. Process the documents and get a local attorney
Once the transfer company and the insurance entity have verified the payment stream to be sold, they will hire a local attorney to submit the documents to your local court system.
Step 6.  Hearing date scheduled
In most cases the seller will receive a letter via Certified Mail with an exact court date for a scheduled hearing.
Step 7. Go to scheduled court hearing
In most states you are required to appear in front of the judge where he will determine whether the transaction benefits you and asks the reason for selling the structured settlement.
Step 8. Get approved
Once approved, a court will sign the order, supporting your transaction and validating it. There is no better way to get cash settlements then with iSettlements.
Step 9. Get your Money
Get your cash and pay off debt, purchase a new home, or go on the vacation of your dreams!
Although there is a cost to get cash settlements, there are also many great reasons you may want to consider it. At iSettlements we hold ourselves to a higher standard. We are a company you can trust. Simply fill out our hassle free quote form and we will contact you with an initial evaluation of your structured settlement. If you have any more questions about how we can get cash for settlements or if you would like an immediate quote feel free to contact us for more info.
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