How Selling Your Structured Settlements can Change Your Life

structured settlementsReceiving a large settlement can really change your life. Especially for adults who are just recently out of college, they never even had a few bucks to worry about let alone a few hundred thousand. There is so many things you can do with a large lump sum of money, some, perhaps a bit more responsible than others, but it’s important to not just blow it all on something totally pointless.

Over 37,000 structured settlements are given to Americans each year and the average payout about is $324,000. The payout options are great: wholly 92% of people who decided to sell their structured settlements admitted they were satisfied with their decision to do so.

Selling a structured settlement can provide you with enough money to change your life if you handle the cash responsibly. That doesn’t mean you have to put 99% of it away for years and not touch it until you’re 60 years old. You can get cash for your settlement and live a little with your new earnings, but do so in a productive way.

Start Your Own Business
Millions of people dream about doing this but so many people don’t go through with it because they either don’t have the financial means or they are just too lazy. If you received a large lump sum of money, you can start something great. That being said, business can be tough. If you are persistent and careful, though, your business will succeed.

Spend a Year Traveling
Your parents might not think it’s the best use of your time and money, but you certainly will. Traveling opens us up to new experiences and expands our lives. Living in one completely new place for one year or going to seven or eight new countries over a year can really be a life-changing experience.

Purchase Your First Home and Vehicle
This is the tricky one, because everyone always wants to buy the Lamborghini. Although it would look sweet, it’s not worth the money unless you have millions just lying around. Buying a nice and reliable vehicle and purchasing your first home are great uses of money earned from structured settlements.

Don’t just blow it all on stupid items in one month. Do something amazing with your money and be responsible so that you can have a secure financial future.

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