Pre Settlement Funding For your Lawsuit

Are you currently involved in a lawsuit because of injuries you’ve suffered? Are you in dire need of pre settlement funding or a lawsuit loan while you wait for the insurance company or other party to settle?

If this sounds like your situation, pre settlement funding can be the answer for you. iSettlements helps clients obtain the finance or a cash advance to pay for immediate and necessary living expenses. Get cash today and avoid financial problems like bankruptcy, bad credit, and the stress of not being able to pay everyday bills.

What is a Pre Settlement Funding?

Pre settlements funding is actually a cash advance against a future claims settlement, usually offered in cases that involve personal injury or wrongful death, where the claimant faces a loss of income and/or high medical bills. The cost of being involved in a personal injury lawsuit can be financially destructive for most individuals, as they often wait years before they receive any money.

Because litigation can take years, pre settlement funding can provide the plaintiff with the necessary financial resources to cover basic expenses during a legal battle while they wait for a favorable resolution.

Did you know the average length of time that a legal claim remains in the pre settlement is 300 days? Even when they win their lawsuits, clients may not receive payment for months or even years.

How do Pre Settlement Fundings work?

Once you find a trustworthy company and they have studied your case. They will provide a pre settlements funding to you before a settlement or award is won, with the expectation that you will ultimately receive money from the lawsuit. The pre settlements funding provides you with immediate access to money, so that you may cover expenses while in trial.

For a client to be qualified for a pre settlements loan the case must have strong liability and clear damages.  The defendant must be self-insured or insured by a creditworthy insurance company. iSettlements only works with established and experienced personal injury law firms. The plaintiff is not required to pay the money back until a settlement is reached or an award is won in the lawsuit.

Don’t let financial issues force you to settle your case quickly. We can get you cash to cover your emergencies or general living expenses. This will allow your legal team to get you the cash you deserve.

If you’d like to learn more about the basics of qualifying for pre settlement funding in your state, Contact iSettlements today!

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