• Purchasing Structured Settlements

    Purchasing Structured SettlementsStructured settlements can provide a secure financial future, so it might seem strange to some people that others would want to sell their structured settlements. Why choose a lump sum payment instead of an arrangement that can provide hundreds — if not thousands — of extra income?

    The fact of the matter is that life happens. Opportunities and situations can suddenly appear that demand huge sums of capital. When they do show up, finding a service that specializes in purchasing structured settlement can help cover the cost of these situations.
    Here are just some of the times when it can be a smart move to find a company that focuses on purchasing structured settlements.

    Starting a Business
    Structured settlements certainly provide some financial stability, but not nearly as much as a profitable business can. The only trouble is starting a small business usually requires a huge amount of money. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, starting a business can cost as little as about $3,000 or less. However, the Kauffmann Foundation estimated in 2009 that the average start-up cost of a small business was about $30,000.

    Paying For College Tuition
    Unless you live under a rock, you’re well aware that paying for college can be an incredibly expensive experience. According to the College Board, the average cost of tuition and fees for the 2014–2015 school year was $9,139 for state residents at public colleges, a jaw-dropping $22,958 for out-of-state residents attending public universities, and a whopping $31,231 at private colleges. True, there are ways to get financial aid and also many grants out there to help pay for college, but it’s still exorbitantly expensive. Companies that focus on purchasing structured settlements can provide a viable solution to help people get a college education.

    Purchasing a Home
    Paying rent is a pretty secure way of draining your potential income. Why stay in an apartment or house that someone else owns, when you could have the security of your own home? While there’s still plenty left in your structured settlement plan, finding a company that’s dedicated to purchasing structured settlements and getting a lump sum can help pay for a house. After all, the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau estimates the average cost of a home to be about $272,900.

    Publishing a Book
    It’s quite possible to live off of the money from a structured settlement and use that time to spend writing a book, but that doesn’t mean it will get published. Nowadays, though, there are ways to publish a book yourself, but they can be quite expensive. In fact, it costs about $6,000 to publish a book, believe it or not. Companies that focus on purchasing structured settlements can give you the funding you need to get your story out there in readers’ hands, where it belongs.
    Buying Some Land.

    Just as starting a small business or purchasing a home can both be shockingly expensive, purchasing private land is also one of the more costly investments out there. If there’s enough in the arrangement, companies that specialize in purchasing structured settlements can provide a potential investor with the capital necessary to purchase land. If they want to start a farm, they’re going to need about $8,700 to buy about one acre of farmland. If they’d like to buy some land as a place to get away, they’ll need more than $23,000 to buy a private Canadian island.

    Having a Wedding
    Everyone loves a wedding, except possibly for the person paying for it. Companies that focus on purchasing structured settlements, though, can help cover these costs, which average about $25,200.

    Although it may seem strange that there are whole companies out there that focus on purchasing structured settlements, they exist to help out those who need their money fast. These are just a few of the investments companies who focus on purchasing structured settlements can help, and if you’d like to know more about how we go about purchasing structured settlements and how we can help you out, get in touch today.