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Sell Annuity For Cash With Our Team Of Experts

Tired of receiving small annuity payments and not having enough money to invest in what you really want? Sell your annuity payments today and GET the cash you need. Why? Simply put, selling your annuity can be a life-changing event. At iSettlements, we understand how to sell annuities, and we have the most qualified financial experts ready to help you. What are annuities? The purpose of an annuity is to provide a steady income during retirement. Annuities have become a popular investment option to lower taxes while also properly planning for the future. However, annuities also create cash restrictions for owners, which can be a problem, especially in an uncertain economy. People who are selling their annuity payment are usually holding a structured settlement and are looking for a faster and bigger payment. People sell their annuities so they can buy a home, create an emergency cash fund, invest in a business, or simply pay off debt. Other events may come up that create the need to sell an annuity for a large amount of cash. Some people simply want to sell annuity payments when they feel their annuity investment was a mistake. Regardless of the reason, there are certain factors that should be considered and steps that need to be taken in order to sell an annuity to the right company.

Why Should I Sell My Annuity Payments Lump Sum?


Choosing to sell your annuity payments with iSettlements means the ability to get the up-front cash you need in a lump sum. Getting annuity payments over time may have been the right choice before, but maybe your financial situation may have changed and you need money now. Whether you bought your annuity or inherited the payments, iSettlements gives you the flexibility to overcome short-term financial goals or develop long-term strategies, especially if you prefer to receive a lump sum of cash. Selling your annuity payments offers many benefits, though the main benefit involves gaining a sense of financial security in a short period of time. Before you sell annuity payments, you must first ensure that you will get the best deal possible on your money. No matter the reason for selling an annuity, there are certain factors that should be considered and steps that need to be taken. Ask an iSettlements agent how to sell annuity payments. If you are interested in converting some or your entire annuity into cash, or even just to find out how much you will get when you sell your annuity payments, the process is simple. Consult with a financial adviser or your attorney for advice before committing to a transaction. If you’re asking yourself, “Should I sell my annuity payments lump sum and get cash now?”, then the answer really depends on your situation. Everyone is different, and certain things work better for certain people. But if you’re looking to invest in new ventures, in need of some emergency cash, thinking about buying property, or are just focusing more on your retirement and your future, selling your annuity payments may be exactly what you’re looking for. If you decide that this is the path you want to take, call us today for a detailed quote.

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