How long does it take to sell my structured settlement?

We buy structured settlements and annuities all the time and one of the most common questions we receive is “How long does it take to sell my structured settlement”. Weather it’s to pay off debt, overcome an emergency or invest in better opportunities, our clients want to receive their money fast. While the process of selling a structured settlement varies depending on the county, a lump sum payment can range between 30 – 90 days, sometimes even less. The process to sell a structured settlement or annuity is pretty simple. The time frame all depends on where you live. Every state has different laws and waiting period. The process also depends on how quickly you can get all necessary information and documents organized. Structured-Settlement The company who will buy your settlement will need to analyze your case. They will send an offer that will detail exactly what they are buying and how much you will get. When both parties agree to do the transaction a contract will be sent. Once the contract is signed and returned to the company purchasing your settlement, the court order process will begin. Due to the steps involved in the mandated court order process the time frame can differ. To make the transaction faster and smoother all involved parties need to respond in a timely manner to avoid additional delays. Finally, upon closing the deal, the funding source will send your money, either in a check, overnight courier or by wiring the money directly into an account. Some cases can qualify for an immediate cash advance. The immediate cash advance helps a person get through a particularly tough time. These advances depend on your case and the company you are selling your structure settlement too. It is important to work with a reputable company and avoid scam artists so do your homework when choosing whom to sell your structured settlement. If you are wondering, “who can I sell my structured settlement to“ you found iSettlements. If you or someone you know needs cash fast, call one of our finance advisers to get you started.

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